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Zooz Z-Wave S2 Switch and Dimmer Simplify 3-Way Circuits

Installing smart switches in a 3-way Circuit can be a hassle. Zooz may have the perfect solution.
Zooz Z-Wave S2 Switch and Dimmer Simplify 3-Way Circuits
Zooz S2 Dimmer is available in White (only…for now)

If you’ve ever tried to replace switches in a 3- or 4-way circuit, you know how complicated it can be. Converting a mult-way circuit to smart switches is even more of a hassle. Zooz S2 Switches may be the solution we’ve been waiting for.

Zooz brand Z-Wave devices are a community-sourced solution to many of the troubles that plague smarthome owners. The products are born from community needs and improved by community feedback. And their multi-way switch solution is no exception.

Typically, when you install smart switches in a 3-way or 4-way circuit, you have to replace all the switches—one with a master switch and the others with slave or remote switches. What makes the Zooz S2 switch and dimmer so special is that you can replace one switch in the circuit and leave the rest of the original, regular switches in place! The Zooz switch just works with the original switches, sensing when they’re toggled and reacting accordingly. Not only is this a time saver, it’s a big money saver, too, since you’re only buying one smart switch instead of 2 or 3.

Zooz switches have plenty of other benefits, many sourced from community suggestions. They’re both Z-Wave Plus devices, and they’re certified to support Z-Wave’s S2 Security framework. The paddles offer quick on/off functions with a double-tap action. You can even turn off the indicator light if so choose. And Zooz wiring instructions are incredibly simple.

You can buy the [amazon_link id=”B07K1T8Z74″ target=”_blank” ]Zooz S2 Switch[/amazon_link] and the [amazon_link id=”B07K37BNMC” target=”_blank” ]S2 Dimmer[/amazon_link] for under $40. Both are available in white only right now, but they’re evaluating color options like Light Almond and Ivory as a future release.

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