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Onkyo to Bring Sonos Support to A/V Receivers

Future Onkyo Sonos support will make it less necessary to use a Sonos Connect
Onkyo announces it will be rolling out Sonos compatibility to many of it's existing network A/V Receiver models, making the Sonos Connect less necessary for many consumers.

Works with SonosOnkyo, maker of high(er)-end A/V equipment, has announced that it’s network receivers have been certified as part of the Works with Sonos program. This means that they’re capable of extending your Sonos network by acting as a “room” in your home.

Today, many Sonos owners rely upon the Sonos Connect (shown above) as a way of achieving the same effect. This $349 bridge gives consumers a Sonos output that can then be used as an input to any amplifier. But Onkyo’s new Sonos support will finally make these devices less necessary.

Onkyo will roll out Sonos compatibility as a firmware update to select Onkyo, Integra, Pioneer and Pioneer Elite-branded network A/V receivers in June. The specific list of supported devices won’t be available until the update is available.

Onkyo has a history of improving its in-channel consumer products with firmware updates. They’ve previously used this method to add support for TIDAL, Deezer, Chromecast, and Dolby Vision to their A/V receivers.

Thanks to Entertainment 2.0 and Home: On listener Dan Skaggs for pointing us to this!

Source: Onkyo press release


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