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Ring Acquires and Previews Products from Mr. Beams

Ring Acquires and Previews Products from Mr. Beams

Ring, the company likely best known for its smart, connected doorbell product, has just acquired Mr. Beams, the company behind inexpensive, battery-operated LED security lighting you can find in stores nationwide. Ring intends to operate Mr. Beams as an independent company, but you’ll also likely see “Ring Beams”-branded products hit the market later this year. At CES this year, Ring is previewing what some of these new products might look like.

Mr. Beams spot lightMr. Beams products have always been a great supplement to wired lighting solutions around the home for interior safety and exterior security. They were one of the first companies to make bright, battery-operated security lighting with reasonably warm color temperatures. They’re probably best known for their motion activated step lights/night lights, closet lights, and wall-mounted security spots.

Mr. Beams has been working on a connected solution of its own, the NetBright intelligent spotlights, floodlights, and path lights, which can all interconnect to trigger all or a group of lights based on motion sensed by any of the onboard sensors. All are battery operated. We discussed some of these products from Mr. Beams on our Lightfair coverage in episode 89 of Home: On.

Overall this seems like a logical addition to Ring’s mission to protect your neighborhood and will be a welcome addition to its proverbial “ring of security.”

Source: Ring press release


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