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New Bridge Brings Wemo into HomeKit Fold

Wemo Bridge for HomeKit Hero_previewAt CES, we’re always asking smart home product companies which services and ecosystems they integrate with, and while everyone is touting Works with Alexa and Works with Google Home these days, not as many vendors are supporting HomeKit. So we were particularly excited about the new Wemo Bridge, which adds HomeKit compatibility to existing Wemo devices.

The bridge exposes Wemo devices to HomeKit, and perhaps more importantly, it allows you to control them with Siri, the Home app, or any third-party HomeKit app while also including them in HomeKit scenes. Wemo customers dissatisfied with the native Wemo app may be particularly happy about this, since it will give them a variety of new control options.

The bridge itself is a small device that doesn’t look dissimilar to a Fire TV or Google Chromecast dongle, except the attached cable is an Ethernet plug that connects to your router. The bridge does not have an integrated power supply but comes with a long micro-USB cable and wall wart to plug it in.

The Wemo Bridge is available today for order on Amazon.com and is expected to ship within the month. It retails for just under $40.


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