SiliconDust Releasing 4-Tuner HDHomeRun Connect Quatro

SiliconDust Releasing 4-Tuner HDHomeRun Connect QuatroSiliconDust has been the go-to manufacturer for TV tuner devices for years. They’ve been making over-the-air (OTA) tuners for over ten years, and they even offer a CableCARD tuner. If you want to watch TV via a PC, tablet, smartphone, game console, or streaming box, you need a TV tuner device to do it. Most OTA tuners that are currently available offer only one or two televisions tuners in a single device. That means that at most you can watch and/or record up to two shows at once. SiliconDust is revising the look of their devices, and while they’re at it they’re also releasing a four-tuner OTA device.

SiliconDust’s newest device is called the HDHomeRun Connect Quatro. It’s a simple and sleek square design. The top of the box has the HDHomeRun logo stamped into it. The back only has a coax input, Ethernet and power jacks. That’s it. Other than the aesthetics, the most important feature is the inclusion of double the usual number of tuners. Having four tuners should give users more head-room when trying to schedule recordings, or when multiple people want to watch different programs throughout the house.

If you don’t have the need for four tuners, SiliconDust has also revamped their dual-tuner model. It’s now called the HDHomeRun Connect Duo. It has the same beautiful design as the Connect Quatro, but it has half the tuners.

Neither of these devices have started shipping yet. They will be available at Best Buy stores starting October 8th. The four-tuner Connect Quatro will be exclusive to Best Buy through the holiday season. The new HDHomeRun Connect Duo will be priced at $99. The HDHomeRun Connect Quatro will set you back $149.

It’s important to note that both of the new devices will work with the company’s DVR solution, HDHomeRun DVR.

Are you looking for more tuners? Have you been considering cutting the cord, but needed more than two tuners? SiliconDust may just have the product for you. Sound off in the comment section below.


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