New Lenovo Carbon X1 Yoga Offers OLED Display, Dolby Audio

New Lenovo Carbon X1 Yoga Offers OLED Display, Dolby Audio
Lenovo has announced a new generation of its Flagship ThinkPads, the ThinkPad X1s. Within the ThinkPad product lineup, Lenovo thinks of the X1s as their supercharged line. Think BMW “M” line or Mercedes AMG.

Of particular note is the new X1 Yoga, which will boast an OLED display option. That makes this the only convertible tablet sporting OLED. Pictures of this device and display cannot do it justice—it’s really necessary to see (and hear) it in person to appreciate its image and sound quality. The OLED display is manufactured by Samsung and will add $200 to the $1449 starting price of the X1 Yoga, but once you see it, it’s a must have addition to this already impressive rig. The image radiance, viewing angles, and, of course, black levels—especially as highlighted by Windows 10’s dark chrome—are unmatched by any laptop we’ve seen.

As expected, this Yoga also sports all of the usual benefits expected in the line, including a flip panel with 180 degree articulation, a dynamic pen that’s stored and powered in the chassis, touch fingerprint reader, and now optional built-in LTE-A. And of course, “the nub.” When pushed, Steve Gilbert, Director of Marketing, very firmly and definitively stated “TrackPoint is not going away.”

The new X1 Yoga is expected to be available this January, though the OLED models won’t show up until around April. Don’t say we didn’t warn you—the OLED model is a drool-worthy device that could spoil you against all other laptops. Possibly even against your own home entertainment setup.


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