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Home: On #054 – Securing Communities, with Jamie Siminoff

Home: On #054 - Securing Communities, with Jamie Siminoff

Jamie Siminoff, the inventor of the Ring Video Doorbell joins us to talk about their product, their recent round of funding, and their mission…which may not be what you might expect from this company. It’s less about convenience and more about security.


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Richard Gunther

Richard is a product experience consultant with a life-long interest in consumer electronics. He has been immersed in smart home tech for decades now and hosts The DMZ's home automation podcast, Home: On and co-hosts Entertainment 2.0 with Josh Pollard. Richard looks at products through an experience lens, always seeking the right mix of utility and delight.


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  • Brought the ring video doorbell based off this podcast. I have been on the fence for awhile. Really love it already! Not even 12 hours after installing it I get someone ringing my doorbell on our day off at 7:55 am and it saved me getting out of bed and going downstairs to tell them they had the wrong house. Less than 12 hours and the wife already loving it! One huge feature that’s missing is on demand viewing as you went over. That has to be the most requested feature and glad its coming “soon.”

    I also have the smartthings 2.0 hub coming and wished the ring would work with smartthings where i can use other sensors to start a motion alert or call with ring.

  • Glad you’re liking your new investment, Ryan. We just received our review unit, so I hope to be putting it through the paces soon. I, too, am really hoping we see some third-party integrations with Ring soon.