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SuperTooth Debuts Bluetooth Multi-Room Audio System


CES always get its unofficial start at the CES Unveiled event. It’s basically a micro-CES with a much smaller number of vendors crammed into a much smaller space. The event always features big-name companies, like DISH and Belkin, but also smaller companies that you may have never heard of.

SuperTooth is a company that falls into that latter category for us. Not only are they a company we’ve never heard of, but they are most likely the first company to produce a Bluetooth speaker system that we actually wanted to write about!

Bluetooth speakers are a dime-a-dozen. We’ve even seen premium entries from higher-end manufacturers enter the scene over the last couple of years. But SuperTooth is offering something we’ve never seen before: a Bluetooth multi-room audio system at an affordable price point.

The SuperTooth Multiroom System comes as either a three or five speaker set. The base speaker is shaped more like a traditional center channel speaker in that it’s shorter than the others, and also wider. The other two, or four, speakers look more like bookshelf speakers. To use the speakers you just pair your phone or tablet with the base speaker. The system then uses a proprietary RF protocol to transmit audio from the base speaker to up to four other satellites.

The Multiroom System can be configured in more advanced ways using the smartphone app for iOS and Android. From the app you can name individual speakers, set individual volume levels, and even configure them to work in stereo pairs or as individual mono speakers.

The most appealing aspect to the Multiroom System from SuperTooth is that it brings multi-room audio to consumers in a way that is easy to use and understand. Good luck explaining something as complicated as Sonos to your less tech-savvy friends. You’re also not limited to specific audio sources since at its heart the Multiroom System is just a simple Bluetooth speaker. You can easily listen to your personal music library, use your favorite music streaming apps (like Spotify and Pandora), podcasts, YouTube, or any other audio source your phone or tablet can listen play.

SuperTooth is planning to release the Multiroom System in the second quarter of 2015. A three-speaker set will run $299, while a five-speaker set will be priced at $480. They will also be available in two different color schemes. One features black wood with grey and black accents. The other uses light oak along with light grey and white accents.



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