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We’re at CES 2015

ceslogoThis is the biggest week of the year in the consumer electronics space as International CES kicks off in Las Vegas. The DMZ is here on the ground again to get you all the latest news. The two biggest trends this year will undoubtedly be 4K UltraHD televisions, and perhaps even more so, the Internet of Things.

The next generation of 4K televisions really burst onto the scene at last year’s CES, but no one predicted that they would become so affordable so quickly. This year we can definitely expect to see far more 4K TVs appearing in stores at attractive prices. One thing we’d like to see is less curved screens, but we won’t know how likely that is until we’re at the press conferences on Monday, and the show floor starting Tuesday.

While many already hate the phrase “Internet of Things”, it may be the best way to describe the enormity of what we expect to find in the connected device space. While there will obviously be new home automation devices, sensors, and control units, there will also be an endless stream of connected wearable devices. While that seems incredibly broad, we’re sure it doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface on what we’ll be covering.

As always, keep it locked to the DMZ for all the latest news. You should also keep an eye on our YouTube channel as we’ll be uploading product demonstration and interviews whenever we can. For up-to-the-minute news you can follow us on Twitter. Follow the DMZ @digimediazone, Josh Pollard @joshpollard and Richard Gunther @whatimpressesme.



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