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Netflix Ups Its Subscription Rate by One

Netflix Ups Its Subscription Rate by OneWhether in the states, the UK, or anywhere in greater Europe, you’re monthly fee to subscribe to Netflix will cost you one [name your denomination here] more. Netflix this week announced the specifics for the previously-mentioned rate increase. New subscription rates are increasing to $8.99, £6.99, and €8.99, respectively.

This is the first Netflix rate increase in about three years, and unlike previous rate hikes, this one comes with a bit of good news. First, existing customers get a 2-year reprieve—they’ll be grandfathered into the old pricing for another 24 months. Customers can also opt for a lower pricing tier, allowing streaming to just one device at a time, at standard definition. Netflix also recently announced the official launch of Ultra HD streaming, on capable devices, for House of Cards and other shows soon, including Breaking Bad.

There’s no mention in this week’s announcement of any changes to Netflix’ long-standing DVD service, and their press site no longer even offers imagery for that service, so…maybe they’re just hoping that whole physical media thing will go away.

via c|net


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