Is the Lenovo ix2 Your Next Media Server?

Lenovo had lots to show this year at CES, and one of the more interesting devices for home media enthusiasts was their inexpensive ix2 network-attached drive bay. Starting at just under $110 (but [amazon_link id=”B00DW1UNS8″ target=”_blank” locale=”US” container=”” container_class=”” ]available for well under $100[/amazon_link] at retail), the ix2 is a RAID-enabled NAS enclosure for two drives. The front panel pops off for (relatively) easy drive access. It’s not drobo easy, but you can install or replace a drive without any tools.

If the 8TB that this enclosure could support with 2 4TB drives isn’t sufficient for your needs, how about the four drive ix4 for twice as much storage? Both can support many of your home and small business needs, including streaming media services (via Twonky and an iTunes server), backup for Mac (via Time Machine) and PCs, and remote content syncing capabilities. The included surveillance software can even discover and allow you to monitor up to four network cameras. A USB port on the rear allows you to add more storage or transfer content on or off the device.


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