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We’re on Stitcher Radio

We're on Stitcher RadioWe’re gradually getting all of the Digital Media Zone’s shows on Stitcher Radio. This week, Seen in HD and thEndUsr join Entertainment 2.0 on Stitcher, and soon The Movie Podcast will be joining the lineup. Stitcher is a great service for catching up on your favorite shows on demand or by subscription, and it’s one of the best podcast aggregators for Android devices.

Stitcher is available on the web and on iOS and Android as a free download. With Stitcher radio, you can sign in with your Facebook account and leave comments on any show. You can even give individual episodes a thumbs up or thumbs down, which helps us improve our shows!

We're on Stitcher Radio

TechCrunch named Stitcher Radio one of 2012’s best iOS and Android apps. If you’re tired of relying on iTunes and inferior aggregators to listen to your favorite podcasts, download Stitcher and give it a try. Then set up your DMZ podcast playlist!

We're on Stitcher Radio


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Richard is a product experience consultant with a life-long interest in consumer electronics. He has been immersed in smart home tech for decades now and hosts The DMZ's home automation podcast, Home: On and co-hosts Entertainment 2.0 with Josh Pollard. Richard looks at products through an experience lens, always seeking the right mix of utility and delight.