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HDHomeRun DLNA Update Now Available

HDHomeRun DLNA Update Now AvailableBack in December, we learned about SiliconDust’s plans to bring DLNA support to its HDHomeRun PRIME product. Shortly after speaking with us at CES, SiliconDust made drivers available for this purpose through a limited beta program, and now these drivers are available to the public.

The new HDHomeRun drivers, dated 3/28/2013, enable streaming from your [amazon_link id=”B004HKIB6E” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]HDHomeRun PRIME tuner[/amazon_link] through some DLNA players. As with the beta drivers, this includes the PS3 and some mobile apps and TVs.

You can now download the update from SiliconDust’s site. If you just want the driver binary files themselves, these are now available (somewhat unintuitively) from the HDHomeRun beta releases link on that page.

Note that some of the limitations initially reported during beta remain: HD video playback may be unwatchable (and lacking audio) depending on your DLNA player, the tuner or channel folders may not appear on some DLNA players, and you may see multiple HDHomeRun tuners on some DLNA players.

Issues notwithstanding, this eagerly anticipated updated brings welcome functionality to SiliconDust’s CableCARD tuner and hints at the company’s future focus of providing access to your cable tuners on any device in your home.



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