The DMZ has Arrived at CES 2013

The DMZ has Arrived at CES 2013

We’re on the ground in Las Vegas for CES 2013. We’ve got a packed schedule for the next few days. It all starts with CES Unveiled on Sunday night. Unveiled is like a mini-CES prior to the show opening. Last year many interesting products, like the Lenovo Yoga, were first showcased at Unveiled. Monday is full of press conferences from industry giants such as Intel, Samsung, and Sony. Tuesday is when the show floor actually opens. We’ve got quite a few interviews and booth tour schedule through the rest of the week. We’ll be broadcasting Entertainment 2.0 Tuesday night. If our internet connection holds out then that will be broadcast live around 8pm ET. If you’re also in Las Vegas then you need to come to our meet-up Wednesday evening. It is at the Las Vegas Convention Center Courtyard in the Bistro Lounge right after the show floor closes (6pm PST). It is right across the street from the Convention Center, so you won’t even need to deal with the post-show travel headache. The rest of the week we’ll be prowling the show floor and meeting with more companies. We’ll try to get you all the coverage as quickly as we can, so keep an eye on The Digital Media Zone and our Twitter accounts for all the latest news.



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