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Dish Announces Hopper Pricing, Availability: Free, Now!

Updated: Post edited to clarify that the fee waiver currently applies to new Dish Network customers only.

Dish Network Hopper DVRAt CES, Dish Network unveiled its multi-room DVR solution, the Hopper and Joey. True to its word, Dish has announced pricing and availability of the Hopper multi-room HD DVR in the first quarter—and it’s available now! The Hopper is a 3-tuner HD DVR that acts as a hub for remote Joey receivers that can be deployed around the home, connected via Ethernet or MoCA. The Hopper features many of Dish’s signature services, including an innovative new feature, PrimeTime Anytime that records and retains the last eight days’ prime time content from the four major local network affiliates. We dove into the specifics of this feature earlier this year and posted a PrimeTime Anytime video demonstration on our YouTube channel.

The Hopper adds a multi-room service fee of $4 to the existing monthly $6 DVR charge, but this fee is waived for new customers who subscribe to Dish’s America’s Top 200 plan or any higher level plan. Similarly, each Joey will cost you $7 a month, but these, too, are free to new customers subscribed to those higher plans.

Dish is running an entertaining spot that pokes fun at the rather odd product name, and they’ve also posted a number of information videos to their YouTube channel. You can find more information about Hopper at Dish Network.


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