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Paul the Male Matchmaker, a Hulu Original

Paul the Male Matchmaker, a Hulu Original

This weekend the world was introduced to the “Hulubritory” where Will Arnette is conceiving new ways of liquefying the public’s brains for easy consumption. One of those new tools for brain liquefication is Hulu’s most recent attempt at original content creation called Paul the Male MatchMaker. This comedy from Warner Bros. Studio 2.0 pans on the public’s love for the adult dating genre.

This mockumentary-style sitcom showcases Paul, a neurotic socialite who decides to take a stab at running his inherited matchmaking service. Hilarity ensues when his direct, brutally honest approach is not well received by his clients and guest stars, including Janeane Garofalo (The Larry Sanders Show), Lisa Edelstein (House M.D.), Tony Hale (Arrested Development), David Eigenberg (Sex and the City), Jean Louisa Kelly (Yes, Dear), and Sam Trammell (True Blood).

Hulu is not the only streaming service bringing its own self-generated programming to the web. Today, Netflix released its first eight episodes of Lilyhammer for streaming users only. The series stars Steven Van Zandt (Sopranos) as a former New York City mobster restarting his life in Norway. Netflix was not the first though. You may recall Hulu attempted this last March with the drama The Confession staring Kiefer Sutherland and John Hurt.

Starting Monday, Feb 13, Liz Tuccillo (He’s Just Not That Into You, Sex and the City) and Paul Bartholomew (Mad Men) will bring 10 episodes to Hulu as the sole delivery of content. The new show will only be available to paying subscribers of Hulu PLUS. Check out Paul the Male MatchMaker next Monday, and let us know what you thought in the comments section below.