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Roku on a StickRoku today announced the Roku Streaming Stick, an alternative solution for enabling Smart features in a TV without depending on apps that are embedded in the TV firmware itself. With the gaining popularity of the Roku box, this could be the right solution to a problem we’ve been discussing for a long time now—your TV will likely outlive any embedded apps or “smart” features built into it.

The Roku Streaming Stick will plug into a television’s MHL-compliant HDMI port, and it requires no other wires—not even power. Note that this does not mean you can just plug one of these guys into any TV’s HDMI port. MHL, or Mobile High-definition Link, is a new standard that is just starting to make its way onto consumer devices. To date, only Samsung and Toshiba are making TVs that support MHL, but we’re likely to see many more devices introduced this year, including Best Buy’s own Insignia brand.

Roku expects the new Streaming Stick to be available to consumers this year at a price point similar to their popular [amazon_link id=”B005DOUJL8″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Roku streaming boxes[/amazon_link].

Read Roku’s blog post, announcing the new device.


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