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Movie Podcast #66: They All Can’t Be Winners

tmp66dmzOh my, Hurricane Irene has basically knocked out Michael and James’s Skype connection this week, but do not fear we have survived the storm and Movie Podcast #66 is here. Another week of “under the radar” movies and we have sped up the podcast this week, coming in under 40 minutes!!!! Just because it is short and just because the title of this podcast is “They All Can’t Be Winners” doesn’t mean this podcast isn’t AMAZING! Alright so we struggled a bit this week, could be the mass amount of drinking (James) or working (Michael) this past week. We do have some interesting titles to talk about though including Jason Statham in Blitz. We also have Paul Giamatti in a comedy/drama Win Win. Finally we have Mel Gibson in a Jodie Foster directed & staring movie called The Beaver. You guys picked this one and we actually sort of enjoyed it. So get ready for an all new Movie Podcast right now!

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