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Windows Home Server Windows Phone Connector RC Released…But Will it stream my recorded TV?

7080.image_22BDE070Today the WHS team has released the Release Candidate of their “Windows Server Solutions Phone Connector” for WHS 2011 (wow that is a long name). Here are your key features:



    • Alerts: View any and all alerts from your WHS right on your WP7
    • User Management: Manage your users right from you phone including Enabling, Disabling, and changing Passwords.
    • Device Management: View all devices and their backup status and also start or stop a backup on any of your devices right from your phone
    • Media Streaming: Stream all of your MP3 files (non-DRM of course) right to your phone. All of your album art will also available and it is fully searchable.
    • Pictures: All PNG and JPG files will now be available right on your phone. Download or upload any picture to and from your WHS and your WP7. Downloaded pictures will be available in your Pictures hub on your WP7, however there is no mention of a Sync.
    • Video Streaming: Stream all (some) of your videos from you WHS straight to your WP7. From what I can tell there is a large amount of Codecs and containers supported however I am not 100% positive that recorded TV will stream as I do not see the container supported.  A full list can be found right here. I did test the test “Landscape.wtv” file and it played fine on my WP7 I am not sure about a recorded show.
    • Live Tile Support: When you pin the app on your WP7 you will be able to see your health alerts, server name, and storage usage of your main disk.

It is available now in the marketplace and also the server side add in located here: http://connect.microsoft.com/windowshomeserver

via Windows Team Blog