Rdio, a love story

Rdio, a love storyIt’s true, I’ve fallen for a music service with poor spelling. It has all the right things any man would want. Yes, I know it clearly wasn’t the spelling bee queen, but who likes the letter “a” anyway, so unnecessary. It has a Windows app, works in a browser, Android and iPhone apps oh and the personality is outstanding! It’s so laid back and just plays what I want to hear. It’s not free, but what good service is? Sure, I was one of those Napster kids in the early 90’s downloading tons and tons of 64kb/s Limp Bizkit mp3s (I’ve tried to black out those days), but music services are all grown up now, not totally dislike myself. I’ll admit some fondness towards the three ex Engadget outcasts and had to check out Rdio based on their continued fondness.

It’s $5 a month for the limited service through the web or PC client only, but if you want to use it on the go, you’ve gotta pay extra, that will be another $5 a month. Still, a Netflix-esque $10 a month for on-the-fly, on demand music selection, twitter like suggestions from peers and industry experts alike and LastFM or Apple’s Genius style services. It’s truly a knock-out punch.

Rdio, a love storyThe web experience is outstanding. You can browse around the site, create playlists that friends and strangers alike can collaborate with or keep them private all while the music plays in a widget off to the left. I’ve only found a few very small bands that it doesn’t have listed, and the selection of music in general is phenomenal. For instance, a new Arctic Monkeys album just came out the other day and Rdio had it the next day available for streaming. If you’re like me and you listen to music at work constantly, it’s worth a free trial.

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