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Remote Potato v1.0 Released

Remote Potato v1.0 ReleasedRemote Potato, the application that you run on your Windows Media Center PC to give you complete access to your guide, recorded TV library and more, has finally reached the 1.0 stage! With it, the venerable mobile app for Windows Media Center brings a few new features to the table.

I’ve found the setup process to be fairly difficult initially because it requires you to use third party software to run your PC as a web server but once you have that going, the feature list is pretty compelling. You can record a show from your mobile device or from a web page from work and browse your recordings and now it looks like you can play them back.

Version 1.0 brings with it all of these new features:

  • Fully seekable video streaming in new, ultra-high quality H264.
  • Stream your pictures / videos / music –  all major formats supported.
  • Remote Control, Slideshow, Music, Series Record Options – and more.
  • Server now runs on Windows XP / Vista / 7 : stream your stuff from any PC!*
  • Mobile Apps available for iPhone / Android / Windows Phone 7
  • Still completely free

Head on over to Remote Potato’s website for more information, and to download it for free today.


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