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Comcast Deleting Duplicate HD Channels

Comcast Deleting Duplicate HD ChannelsI just checked my mail today and got a nice little memo from Comcast stating that the HD channels with 3 digits, in the rage of 175-380ish are being phased out in favor of 4 digit numbers. I’m not certain if this is a nation wide rollout or if it’s just a local thing, but it seems to be an Xfinity branded change.

The update is scheduled for June 1st. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s had to deal with these duplicate HD channels in the past. Having to hide those was a pain, and yet a blessing in having Media Center so that I have the ability to hide them.

Comcast Deleting Duplicate HD Channels


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  •  Comcast customers still have to pay for HD channels so
    that’s why I switched from Comcast to DISH because DISH Network offers HD free
    for life and they have more HD channels than Comcast does. I over heard a
    co-worker talking and he said that new DISH Network customers can get up to
    three HD receivers for free! 

  •  yeah…the only major problem with Dish is the crazy contracts. At least with Comcast I can return my CableCARD and say hey, I’m done.