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Hello DMZBefore you start wondering who the new guy is, I thought I’d introduce myself. My name is Tom Kuhlman, and I’ve been following the DMZ for a little while now with the recommendation of Ben Drawbaugh over at Engadget HD. I pre-ordered my Ceton InfiniTV4 around February of last year and it was delivered last fall. In preparation of this most worthy investment, I decided I needed to freshen up a bit on Windows Media Center, so I’ve been quietly lurking around the site, listening to Entertainment 2.0 and the occasional related podcast. I’m what Jere Jones might refer to as a young whippersnapper and promptly told to get off his lawn. I’m a sprite 24 year old, single, athletic…hold on sorry…wrong bio, now, where was I? I’m ADD for sure, always scurrying over tech news in odd crevasses, so I jumped at the opportunity to share with the fine community here at the DMZ, my findings and to express my unique points of view towards all things tech. I’ve been hacking and building gadgets since I could type. I’m no programmer, but I don’t shy away from the occasional command line. So, all that being said, feel free to give me harsh criticisms, and call me out in the comments when I’m way off target. I’ll be posting on things ranging from home theater, to media center, to mobile.

Thanks for the warm welcome, (and if it’s not warm…at least throw me a blanket!)

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