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Beats By Dr. Dre Pro Review

176866_509947630090_138900018_30232063_5851020_oThe most amazing and expensive headphones ever?

For a long time I simply purchased cheap $20 to $30 headphones and they always worked just great for what I wanted. What I wanted was a pair of headphones that were over the ear and had some pretty decent bass. As time went on the cheaper headphones fell apart, stopped working, or just didn’t cut it any more. I finally decided to get serious about a year ago and do a lot of research, and invest in a real pair of headphones. This lead me to either top of the line Sennheiser, Bose, or Monster’s Beat By Dr. Dre.(BBDs)  Everyone always said Bose were the best all around, but BBDs were the best for bass. I listen to a lot of rap and hip hop so naturally I went towards the BBDs. There have been numerous models that have come out, but the most recent, which were released last year, were the Pro’s. I decided to pick up a pair of what could be the best headphones ever.


175888_509947650050_138900018_30232064_5336686_oThe BBDs Pro have a few nice features built right into them. First they are over the ear and noise canceling. This is great since recently I have been flying a lot. It is also great at work because I can just focus in on what I am doing. They also feature a nice pouch to store the cable and headphones in which is very stylish and works well enough. They have standard headphone jacks, but they do come with a nice adapter that screws in to the jack to become a 1/4” jack. This is nice if you need to plug them into a mixer. Another great feature is the swivel that each side features. This allows you to tuck the headphones into each other when you are storing them, but also allows you to swivel one ear out if you need to hear what is going on or just want to stay in touch with the outside world. One final feature is the jacks on the headphones themselves. You plug the cable into the headphones and they actually lock in which is awesome. On top of this there are two inputs (one on each ear), and as soon as you plug in one the other ear automatically becomes an output. This essentially turns them into a Y splitter which is awesome for DJs or watching movies with a friend. You don’t have to have BBDs to use the other jack either. Any headphones will work.


176892_509947580190_138900018_30232062_5273683_oThese things are beautifully designed. They have a superb build quality, and they really make you feel like you got what you paid for. The main cushions on the ears are made of a nice leather material and they are super cushiony. These cushions also detach so you can clean them if you need to which is a nice added touch. They also have a nice metal finish that hold everything together. They of course are noise canceling, but they aren’t powered by batteries at all. Since they are over the ear perhaps the noise canceling is just natural. When you have them on you can’t hear anything but the music, and nobody around you can hear what you’re listening to. I have only experienced people being able to hear very faint music if I completely blast the music as high as possible, but still it is just amazing.  They are sleek and stylish to put it simply.

Sound Quality

172981_509947525300_138900018_30232061_3194943_oOverall I cannot say enough nice things about these headphones. Highs, lows, bass, rap music, classical music, techno, alternative, rock, they all sounds amazing. The bass overall is what really shines here. Like I said earlier: I listen to a lot of rap and hip hop, and putting these on just blows my mind. The sound quality in these headphones makes you appreciate the different bitrates, so much in fact that I decided to re-boot my music library and only have 320 kbps audio. I would go with FLAC, but I do not know any player that supports it.

Movie Listening

Since I have been on the go a lot these last few months I basically can only watch movies on my laptop. If you have watched a movie on a laptop you know it basically sucks and you need to put on some headphones. After the first movie that I watched with these things on I was sold. It was like having surround sound right in my ears. Explosions, dialog, sound effects it all just came to life and made me really appreciate the sound mixing and editing in the movies that I have been watching for The Movie Podcast. I don’t think I could possibly watch another movie on my laptop without these again.


These things aren’t cheap. Let’s get that out of the way right now. I spent about $360 on them from Amazon, but that is not completely unreasonable when you look at the other top of the line headphones that cost around $300. I will say that you are paying for the name of both Monster and Dr. Dre, but I think if you are looking at these then you already know that. if you can stomach the cash then they are well worth it, and you will not be sorry. I have a feeling these are going to last me for an extremely long period of time.


tumblr_liffl70Xhp1qzvtv4o1_1280My conclusion is to simply suck it up and buy them. They are a discussion piece, show-off piece, and a make you love high quality music and movies piece. They are expensive, but in the long run they are one of the best investments I have made in electronics in a long time. The sound is excellent. The design is amazing, and the more you use them the more you love them. I think people might look at you funny or like you are some kind of jerk for wearing them around, but you wont care because the music will be blasting into your ears.

Buy them

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