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The Movie Podcast #44: One beautiful place to another

The Movie Podcast #44: One beautiful place to anotherOne day after Pi day, 12 days till Nintendo 3DS, and 33 more days till James makes his epic return back to the good old U.S. or A. comes a brand new The Movie Podcast! The real question is does James want to make a return home after watching this weeks feature documentary Inside Job, which was narrated by…Matt Damon. If you follow The Movie Podcast on Twitter, then you will know both James and Michael were pretty frustrated and upset during and after watching this one. Can the good guys from MTV’s Jackass pull it together for one last hurrah, in the over the top for no good reason Jackass 3..D. I think more importantly is will you even laugh at all after watching Steve-O and Johnny Knoxville get hit in the private parts over and over again… yeah we thought you would. We cap it off this week with the Listener Movie Pick, Morning Glory. If you haven’t noticed the new poll is up here at The Movie Podcast for next weeks pick so go vote now! Sit back and relax because James and Michael are about to take you on a trip through serious, stupid, and awww Harrison Ford is adorable in Episode #44.

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