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The Movie Podcast #36: Like!

The Movie Podcast #36: Like!A brand new Movie Podcast?? Quick hit the Like button so all my friends on Facebook know to go download it! Michael and myself are back, but this time around however we have a mixed bag of movies to review. Did Jesse Eisenberg pull off the perfect Mark Zuckerberg? Did Justin Timberlake have a better performance in the Social Network than in Yogi Bear? Are flying piranhas better in 3D? What happens when Lionsgate gives a production house 20 million dollars to make a 88 minute long CG movie about wolves? All of these questions will be answered as we review 3 huge movies this week, review a few older titles, and talk a whole lot of Castle and Tosh.0. Come on this little adventure with us and download the podcast now!

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This weeks movies:
The Social Network [Blu-ray]The Movie Podcast #36: Like! / The Social Network [DVD]The Movie Podcast #36: Like! / Rent on AmazonThe Movie Podcast #36: Like!
Alpha & Omega [Blu-ray]The Movie Podcast #36: Like! / Alpha and Omega [DVD]The Movie Podcast #36: Like! / Rent on AmazonThe Movie Podcast #36: Like!
Piranha [Blu-ray]The Movie Podcast #36: Like! / Piranha [DVD]The Movie Podcast #36: Like! / Rent on AmazonThe Movie Podcast #36: Like!

Other topics:
Old SchoolThe Movie Podcast #36: Like!
StardustThe Movie Podcast #36: Like!
CastleThe Movie Podcast #36: Like!

Theatrical Releases (1/21/11):
No Strings Attached
The Way Back
The Company Men


Check back next week as Michael and myself take an in depth look at a bunch of movies that only have 1 word in their title. Including, but not limited to: Buried, Takers, and Stone. If we get real crazy there might be a few more to review! Also check in next week to see if I haven’t completely consumed my entire life with Daniel Tosh.

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