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Entertainment 2.0 #102: Richard and James

PrintWith Josh taking a week off I got the opportunity to bring back two of our previous guests this week.  Richard Green is a Media Center user and has been working with HTPCs for a good long time now.  James Montemagno is my co-host over at The Movie Podcast and writer of RevoHTPC, a site dedicated to all things small in the HTPC world.  Thanks to them for joining me!

We cover all kinds of fun stuff this week.  You’ll find links to everything down below.  We received some really great emails that helped push the show along and allowed us to cover a wide range of topics.  We hope you enjoy!

(You’ll notice links related to the Linksys extender debacle from earlier this week.  Since recording, Cisco has apparently fixed the issue and the temporary fix posted is no longer needed.)


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