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HTPCentric #05: HTPCs and Windows Home Server

HTPCentric #05: HTPCs and Windows Home ServerWant to back up the PCs in your home without thinking about it?  Need something to server media to several HTPCs spread through your house?  Windows Home Server may be just what you’re looking for.

This month, Jere and I speak with Vince Anido and Alton Marschall, both Windows Home Server users.  Vince is a SageTV user who runs his WHS as a way to maintain backups.  Alton is a Media Center user who recently shut down his WHS and he goes into the reasons why during the show.  Both guys have a ton of experience working in the environment and they share the good and the bad.

No matter what HTPC software you use, backups are important and WHS does a lot more than that.  Have a listen and enjoy!

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