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HTPCentric 03: MythTV

HTPCentric 03: MythTVJere Jones and I are back this month and it’s all about MythTV!  When you don’t know very much about a topic you go out and you find some folks who have the knowledge you seek and that’s exactly what we did this month.

Jere and I are joined by Patrick Archibald and “Guru”, two MythTV users who help us understand how this HTPC software works and what the key features and benefits are.  Suffice to say it was an interesting and enjoyable show.  I always enjoy learning about different systems and once we were done I was quite impressed with the way MythTV does things.  It’s a different concept but one that makes a lot of sense.

Thanks to Patrick and “Guru” for joining us.  If you have questions for them you can use the links above and be sure to follow both of them on twitter!

Click here to download Episode 03!

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