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Seen in HD 24 – Managed Copy, new TiVos, Rescue Dawn review


Due to some technical issues, and throw in a trip to Denver for my real job, and we’re posting our show a few days late this week. Keep this in mind as you listen.

We start out with a whimsical look at the Sony ApacolyPS3 (thanks to @doblu for the catchy title). A flaw in the calendar system rendered older PS3s useless for the better part of a day. 12 years later, Y2K finally catches up to us.

On the retail front, the new Blu-ray players from CES are hitting store shelves, ready for you to gobble up and bring home.

We brought up Managed Copy last week, and this week Engadget HD did a piece on the technology that we all wait for, but may never come. I’m doing my part to talk to someone at AACS, who is responsible for the copy protection behind managed copy.

It’s been barely more than a week since Walmart bought Vudu, and already the company is putting its stamp on things, removing the adult section from the movie services menus and refunding those who had made purchases. Somewhere, former Walmart MP3 customers are laughing.

As we were recording the show Tuesday night, the new TiVos were being revealed. Adam and I take a quick first look at the new boxes and GUI shortly after the press release came out, and ask some questions about what it can and can not do. We already know that Comcast OnDemand will not be a part of the new setup, despite some screenshots that showed otherwise. And a couple days later, people are wondering if this is truly revolutionary, or evolutionary. For what it’s worth, I’d go with the latter.

Finally, Showtime premiered a cool new widget with a recent MMA fight, overlaying stats, bios and more on top of the event. Neither of us got to see it, but the possibilities seem exciting. We wrap up the news segment with a new feature, a look at the weekly Blu-ray/DVD market share and revenue.

Our Blu-ray review takes a look at Rescue Dawn starring Christian Bale. A movie I reviewed for my old site, the MPEG 4 AVC transfer is solid, the 5.1 DTS HD Master Audio is underwhelming, and the movie oddly uninspiring. See my full review here.

We look at Geek Tonic’s new and returning shows for the week, as well as the HD Sportsman featuring the start of March Madness.

A look at the March 9 Blu-ray releases sees a pair of Oscar nominees (Up in the Air, Precious) as the headliners. On the Blu-ray deals site, not too much to be excited about this week. Amazon has a $12.99 sale going on, and just launched a new $9.99 sale as well.

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