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Entertainment 2.0-Episode 66: Attack of the Image Constraint Token

Ent20logo2 We’re back again folks and Josh made sure that it would be a rousing episode.  We of course take time to go through all the the listener email this week and we thank all of you.

Josh’s Hockey Minute returns this week and we find out that if you stopped watching hockey four years ago because of the strike, you should probably start again!

Both VMC with TV Pack and Windows 7 Media Center received updates this week and we’ve got you covered on what’s included.  Not really a whole lot there though so if you haven’t updated yet you’re probably ok.  You can find links to the updates below.

As well, we swim a bit outside the Media Center waters this week and talk a bit about Image Constraint Tokens and how they will affect not only Media Center but almost every older piece of HD gear still out there in peoples’ homes.  (Like mine!)

Links from the show:

Click here to download Episode 66!

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