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SunBrite unveiling 55 inch all-weather HDTV at CES

5510hd-thumb-sm There’s been more than one time over the last few years when I wished I had a TV outside.  While it’s easy to move a laptop out there and watch shows as the kids play in the backyard, a full set would be great.  While I’m no closer to owning one due to the fact that it’s out of my price range, SunBrite will be showing off their new 55 inch 5510HD LCD all-weather TV at CES 2010.

While most sets can’t stand the variable temperatures, dirt, bugs and other things that might get in them while in the great outdoors, the 5510HD is a sealed and fan cooled unit that can take temps up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.  For that it’s not slouch in the HD arena either.  1080p, 120Hz with 4 HDMI, component, VGA, s-video, composite, RF, RS232, and discreet IR control you should be able to get the set to do anything you want and have plenty of inputs to get your content there.

The price is where most people will decide it simply isn’t worth it though.  The set will ship in 2010 at a retail cost of $7,195.


via SlashGear