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Recycle and step up to Blu-ray at the same time

2009-11-17-dvd2blu For those of use with huge DVD collections (our family sits at around 350 at this point) making the switch to Blu-ray is painful.  Buying the same content, albeit in High Definition, at times seems like a waste and as of yet, our family has only just begun.

Warner Bros. is looking to make your transition to Blu-ray just a little bit easier.  Much like their HD-DVD to Blu-ray program earlier this year, the studio is now allowing customers to return their WB DVDs and receive the same movie in the Blu-ray format.  While the program isn’t free, it’s nice to see at least one studio trying to save consumers some money this time of year.

Each title will cost you $7.95 with $4.95 shipping.  Shipping goes free once you hit the $25 mark.  Warner Bros. has stated that they’ll be recycling the old disks.  There’s a 25 disk limit but that’s a lot of Blu-ray for a pretty good price.

At $13 a pop, it’s not a free program but compared to paying $18 and up for even catalog titles you’re going to save yourself some money.  To get started, just point your browser to the special site WB has set up and follow the instructions.

On a personal note, I comment Warner for doing this.  I haven’t seen any other studios offer a similar program and while I still believe that content producers want us to buy the same content over and over again, this gives me some hope that the suits at some of these companies actually “get it”.

via HDTV Mag and special thanks to Mike Brown for clarification.


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