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Hulu To Charge People to Watch Free Content…and ALF

Hulu A vast majority of the content on Hulu comes either from the web or from broadcast networks ABC, NBC and Fox.  That’s what made me laugh when I read earlier in the week about the company wanting to start charging for access.  How do you get away with charging people to watch free content or crappy movies?

Ok, Hulu was one of the first sites to put a bunch of content together and stream it to people.  You do get first run shows (for a little while) and some other classic gems but can they really be serious about charging people money to watch ALF reruns and the Police Academy movies?  At some point even network executives must laugh at themselves.  Not only that but the first run stuff is for the most part from networks that people can get for free over the air.  Not only that but Hulu has done everything they can to keep people from actually watching the content ON THEIR TVs!

If Hulu wants to charge for content that I can get free (and commercial skip) somewhere else, fine.  But how about adding some quality content at the same time.  I use Hulu for shows I miss and for the occasional classic movie.  I guarantee I’m not going to pay for that.

I can see a pay model working if 1) access to first run content lasts more than a few days and 2) they get some real premium content.  Straight to video movies and stuff from the 80s just isn’t going to get people to pay.  If the company can add some real content and start providing better resolutions, then I just might be interested.  Until then, I’ll stick with my TV Tuner, thanks.



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