Setting Up a TV Tuner in Media Center

start-menu It’s a task most veteran Media Center users know how to do.  But, if you’re someone who’s looking to upgrade to Windows 7 and are thinking about using the included Media Center feature, adding a tuner may seem difficult.  It doesn’t have to be.

In the screencast below, I walk you through the standard TV Tuner setup.  In this case, I had already added the tuner previously.  This doesn’t really change the process though.  It simply made it so that you didn’t have to watch my PC download PlayReady or guide data.  Other than that, you still have the same choices to make.

Overall it’s a straight forward process.  The only differences in the time it takes will be the tuner you install in your system.  As I’m using an older NTSC tuner it’s pretty quick.  There’s no need to scan for channels like when setting up a QAM or ATSC tuner.

If you’re setting up a tuner for the first time, sit back and enjoy the show!



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Adam Thursby

Adam Thursby is the founder and creator of The Digital Media Zone.