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Apple Kills Pre/iTunes Syncing

palm-pre-and-itunes-shenanigans-ahoy You had to know this was coming.  Apple has released an update for iTunes which effectively shuts down Palm Pre syncing.  The new iTunes (8.2.1)  fixes the loophole Palm was using to allow the Pre to use the popular music cataloging software.  CNet has confirmed this by installing the software and watching their Pre NOT sync up.

Luckily there are options whether or not your want to continue to use iTunes.  1:  Don’t update.  It’s not required and version 8.2 will continue to work just fine.  2:  Use a different software.  PreCentral.net lists several options.

As I said, I think Pre owners saw this coming.  I just think it’s a bad move on Apple’s part.  I get that you want people to buy your hardware but they’re obviously not doing that if they’ve already purchased a Pre.  Is it really so bad that they want to use YOUR software to buy music?  Heaven forbid they still want to give you money.  Can’t have any of that!

Head over to Cnet to read a response from Palm.