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Samsung TVs to Get Blockbuster OnDemand This Fall

Blockbuster logo High In the “day late, dollar short” department, Samsung and Blockbuster have announced an agreement by where select Samsung electronics will be sold in Blockbuster stores and Blockbuster will get preferred positioning on select Samsung Blu-ray device interfaces.

I think it’s great that people will have another streaming service to select from.  And while I certainly hope this spreads, it all depends on the content.  Unless Blockbuster can provide more up-to-date movies and television programming, can they really cut into the Netflix domination of the streaming market?

The good part is that you won’t have to run out an buy a new Samsung piece of gear to get this working.  The service is expected to roll out sometime this fall and when it does, those who own select existing Samsung Blu-ray players, LCD and Plasma TVs (series 650 and above) and LED TVs (series 7000 and above) will gain access with a firmware update or by downloading the Blockbuster widget (HDTVs).



via PRNewswire