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Blu-Ray Managed Copy. Could This Work?

image As I’ve mentioned on both Entertainment 2.0 and The DMZ Media Minute, I have yet to step up to Blu-Ray in my home.  It’s something I want to do but I figure you need good gear to get the full benefit so I’ve been waiting until I replace my TV and A/V receiver.  Now I have another reason to wait.

EngadgetHD had a chance to speak with Michael Ayers, the chair of the AACS Business Group, and have come away from the experience very excited.  For me, the best part of the news is that Blu-Ray jukeboxes are a possibility.  If the file formats can be made compatible with Windows Media Center, this is great news. 

Pricing of copies is still up in the air.  EngadgetHD also put up a poll this weekend to see what people would be willing to pay.  When I went to vote, more than half were saying that the price of the copy should be included in the hardware/software purchase, with which I agree.  I’ve paid once.  Don’t make me pay again though I wouldn’t mind if I were looking to make multiple copies, or copy a rental disk as opposed to one I had bought.

Head to EngadgetHD to read Ben’s full write up on what this tech might mean for you.  With hardware that supports Managed Copy not launching until at least later this year, I guess I’ll wait a bit longer before dropping for a blu-ray player.




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