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Zune HD Rumors and Power Consumption

image Zune Thoughts published two interesting articles yesterday regarding the upcoming ZuneHD.  The first is one that a lot of people have been wondering about, and while it’s still a rumor, it’s worth mentioning.  It’s starting to look more and more like the ZuneHD will be using the Nvidia Tegra processor to run the show.  Again, it’s still a rumor as it comes by way of some info gleaned from a conversation at Computex back in June.  IF this proves true however, it’s great news.  The Tegra chip uses very little power and yet can really push the video on a device:

Nvidia’s Tegra is a great platform and it needs only 150mW to decode a video stream and only 20mW to play audio which makes it a perfect candidate for such players like Zune HD. Nvidia already showed some netbook and tablet products based on Tegra at Computex. These were probably all based on Tegra 650, the high end Tegra part as Nvidia likes to call it, while Zune HD will probably based on the mid-range Tegra 600.

To continue on the power consumption front, the site also found a video of a rep from Samsung talking about the AMOLED display.  The same one that will be used in the ZuneHD.  Because OLED doesn’t require backlighting, it’s a much more energy efficient design.

Knowing that MS may be using some really low power components in the new ZuneHD is great news.  It’ll be interesting to see what kind of battery life the device will provide when it launches.

via Zune Thoughts