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Scosche Gives Your Shuffle Some Buttons

image The Gen 3 iPod Shuffle is a pretty neat looking device.  And that’s coming from a Zune user.  It’s light, compact and has enough storage to get you through a workout or run.  What it doesn’t have a whole lot of is easy to use buttons.  Going fast on a treadmill doesn’t make it easy to skip track with the Shuffle’s design.

Scosche has decided to help out with the tapStick.  The little case like device connects to your Shuffle and provides three well placed buttons that will allow you to more easily control your little PMP.

The tapStick will be available the first week of July and will run you $29.99.  A bit much for such a simple thing but if you exercise a lot or want to make it easier to hit those Shuffle buttons while in the car, the tapStick might be just what you’re looking for.





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