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Rhapsody Friendly MP3 Players

image For those who don’t like Apple’s or Microsoft’s solutions when it comes to portable media players, there are a ton of hardware solutions on the market.  While none have the clout of iPod and few have the storage of the Zune, there are a lot of quality players on the market which will give you everything you want in a PMP.

One thing that might help you make a decision about what hardware to buy is the services it works well with.  Cnet has taken some of the guess work out if you happen to like Rhapsody.

Jasmine France has taken time to list six Rhapsody friendly MP3 players.  Each player is designed with the subscription service in mind using Rhapsody DNA:  software which supports the DRM method used by the service.

Head over to Ms. France’s article and find the player just right for you!


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