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Sony X-Series Walkman Review

image If you don’t want to buy into the iPod cult, or you don’t want to have another MS product laying around your house, what can you do?  There are a lot of options for PMPs on the market but if again you don’t like the above mentioned companies, who else offers the same features?

T3 has today posted a review of Sony’s new X-Series Walkman.  While I love my Zune, I have to admit that this is a very nice looking device.  With a touch screen and other iPod touch like features, could it be a competitor?

From the review:

It sucker punches the iPod from the off with cracking sonics. Most Sony players boast superior audio, but here it’s beefed up by both digital noise cancelling and an advanced digital sound processor. Extraneous hubbub, from chit-chat to moderate train noise, is comfortably filtered out by the noise cancelling, while the S-Master digital sound processor ensures that even if you’re playing music loud, it still remains crystal clear.

This might be worth taking a look at if you’re in the market for a new portable device.  Be sure to head to T3 to read the full review.


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