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$30,000 To Fill An iPod

image That’s what MS wants you to believe and while technically it is true I suppose, I don’t think anyone in their right mind would pay out $30k to fill an iPod.

I am an MS fan though so I must say that it is nice to see them hitting back at Apple where they can:  Price.  I’ve complained here before about the iTunes software and given that you have to pay at least 99 cents a track never attracted me either. 

Apparently MS has decided to go with the strengths of the Zune platform and tout the subscription based Zune Pass which gets you unlimited downloads for $15 a month and lets you keep 10 DRM free tracks.  Have a look at the latest add below:


Again, I highly doubt anyone would actually pay out all of that money to iTunes to fill the thing but it does raise a question.  Are you a pay per track listener or do you prefer a subscription model?  Me?  I like subscriptions but leave a comment and tell us which you prefer!