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Vodcast Watcher? Extend the Battery Life of your iPhone/Touch

image I don’t watch a lot of video podcasts.  As of right now there’s only one per week that is regular for me but there are a lot of people who enjoy these shows.  While getting to watch the video is great there are times when it’s not practical (driving, running, etc.) and many times, it’s simply not necessary.  A lot of shows can be enjoyed with audio only.

Dale Dietrich of Dalisphere has found a great way to extend the life of your battery while still enjoying your shows.  If you can’t watch the video, turn off your screen!  If your iPhone is going to be in your pocket anyway, what’s the point of drawing your power down right?  Plus, by using Dale’s trick, you won’t take a chance of tapping the screen and stopping the show while it’s in your pocket, or wherever you might like to keep it.

Dale discovered that by starting your video cast, putting your iPhone to sleep and then using the earbud button to start playback, the screen would remain off yet the audio portion of the show would play.  For full details and some other uses for the earbud button, head over and read Dale’s full post.



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