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Get Your Zune Screen Repaired


If you’re like me then your Zune gets a lot of use.  Between yard work and carrying it back and forth to the car, there’s always a chance that your device will slip from your hand.  While the screen on the device is glass and pretty hard to break, it’s still possible. 

It used to be that if this calamity befell you, your only options were to DIY the thing or to go out and drop the money on a new Zune.  However, it seems that MS has decided that this can happen pretty easily and is willing to help.

For the price of $79.99, Microsoft will replace your screen or LCD or both if needed.  That price includes shipping both ways as well.  Just call 1-877-GET-ZUNE and they should be able to help you out.

Eighty bucks is a little pricy but much better than $250 for a new Zune.  Though admittedly, a cracked screen might be a good excuse to go get you a new Zune 120 if you’re still using an 80 like me.



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