Why a Microsoft fanboy would buy an iPod Touch

Jan 10, 2010 by

Yep, I did it.  A certified Microsoft fanboy went against everything he believes and bought an iPod Touch.  I’ve moved towards the darkside and while it hurts a bit, there are reasons for it.  I thought this would be a good opportunity to, not review the Touch, but explain how people’s...

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Entertainment 2.0: Episode 46-We Still Love You Europe

Sep 18, 2009 by

Back again and now that CEDIA is finally over we can talk about some of the other news that came out of the expo.  We can’t really call this part 2 of the CEDIA series since we’re saving that title for a special show.  A lot of what we discuss continues to focus on CableCard but again, there...

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ZuneHD Getting Apps, Just Not Yet

Sep 15, 2009 by

While many times we like to think that Microsoft just doesn’t get it, once in awhile there’s a ray of hope.  It seems that the new Zune 4.0 software has a marketplace tab for applications.  While I haven’t been able to view them yet since I just installed the software and it’s telling me...

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Zune HD Shown With Games

Sep 13, 2009 by

Tuesday marks the release of the new ZuneHD and while I won’t have one right off the bat I eventually want to pick one up.  Now a new video has hit Youtube showing games. While Microsoft has yet to show apps or or games for the ZuneHD, the video clearly shows a 3D racing game being run on the...

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Entertainment 2.0-Episode 44: The Listener Show

Sep 4, 2009 by

It’s a slow, slow week leading up to CEDIA folks and with not having read the listener comments and email from Episode 42, we decided it was a good idea to turn the show over to you, the listener!  This week Josh and I spend the majority of the show reading and responding to listener comments...

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Entertainment 2.0-Episode 42: The Angry Show

Aug 21, 2009 by

Back again folks!  Thanks for joining us on this week of not such good news for Media Center enthusiasts.  But, like any good enthusiasts, we take our lumps and keep moving! There is some good news this week amid all the turmoil however.  The best (for me) being that it’s now possible to...

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ZuneHD Pre-Orders Now Being Taken

Aug 13, 2009 by

Well, the time has come.  If you’ve been looking forward to this as much as I have, Amazon is ready to take your money and on September 15th ship you out your brand new Zune HD 16 or 32GB portable media player. I’m personally surprised it’s taken this long to get the pre-orders started but...

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More ZuneHD Details Emerge. Confirmation of Pricing and Dated?

Aug 12, 2009 by

It seems like there isn’t a day that goes by now without someone coming out with more “leaked” ZuneHD info.  I’ve been holding off on posting more about it since there’s a lot of speculation here but the fact is that confirming reports are starting to come in along with pictures...

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Possible ZuneHD Prices Leaked

Aug 10, 2009 by

It looks like Gizmodo, who’s been all over the ZuneHD so far, might have some solid intel on pricing.  It seems the site was able to grab some screenshots detailing the pricing info on the 16 and 32GB devices.  Not only that but the shots, if accurate, would become the 3rd peice of evidence...

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ZuneHD Preview and Praise

Aug 5, 2009 by

Sometimes, I wish I worked for CNet.  Or, any of the other outlets that are getting the opportunity that Donald Bell of MP3 Insider recently got.  Seems that Mr. Bell was able to get about an hour of play time with the forthcoming ZuneHD and he’s walked away impressed. By now we know most of...

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Samsung Yepp to go Against the Zune HD?

Aug 4, 2009 by

Seems that Samsung is getting ready to start using that Nvidia Tegra chip we’ve been hearing about.  The same one that will power the ZuneHD apparently. The Samsung Yepp was discovered on the company’s Korean website and the specs are running right inline with my next personal must have...

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Entertainment 2.0-Episode 38: The Soothing Sounds Of Josh Pollard

Jul 24, 2009 by

We’re back for another week!  No special guests joining but the show is still worth it, trust me.  This episode was actually recorded a week ago so you’ll notice we cover some stuff that’s been out there for a bit.  Josh is on vacation this week but we wanted to get a show out to you fine...

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