Almond 3 Available for $100 Off

Nov 28, 2016 by

almond-3-echoWe recently reviewed, and loved, the Almond 3 from Securifi. It’s a mesh Wi-Fi networking router that also includes home automation and control. It provides rock solid wireless networking performance, especially when you place a few of them around your home. It also has ZigBee built in, and can be expanded with a low cost Z-Wave USB adapter to greatly expand the home control capabilities.

The Almond 3 router can be purchased in a three pack or a single unit. The three pack has always offered the most savings. The Almond 3 has also been one of the lowest priced options available in the mesh networking space. Today you can get in on the action for even less money. They are offering the Almond 3 three pack for $299 as their Cyber Monday promotion. That’s the same price they offered to customers who pre-ordered the device. Also, the Almond 3 is eligible for Amazon Prime, so you won’t have to pay for shipping either. Hurry though, it won’t last long!

Source: Amazon