Entertainment 2.0 #325: HDHomeRun DVR

Apr 23, 2015 by

Entertainment 2.0It was a big week for home theater PC news, and Josh and Richard are back to cover it all. The biggest news was SiliconDust’s announcement that they are using Kickstarter to fund a DVR app that they are calling HDHomeRun DVR. PlayOn also announced support for HBO Now, Max Go, and Showtime Anytime. iHeartRadio has landed on the Xbox One. Josh goes in depth on his review of the Polk Audio Striker Zx headset. There’s a new version of the Windows 10 Technical Preview for Windows Phones. Microsoft has made an app for the Apple Watch. YouTube shows us why apps on platforms that don’t receive updates is a bad idea. The guys also introduced a new segment in final part of the show to discuss interesting podcasts that they’ve been listening to. If you’re not listening live, you’re missing a lot of fun. Join us next week for the live recording of episode 326 on Tuesday, April 28th at 8:00pm ET! Click here to download episode #325

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