Time Warner Brings 300 Live Streaming TV Channels to Xbox 360

Jun 28, 2013 by

Live TV is a feature that has been available on the Xbox 360 from the system’s launch. Back then it could only be done via Windows Media Center. Then, a few years later Verizon released an app on the Xbox to allow FIOS TV subscribers the ability to watch about 30 channels live. Later, Comcast began offering similar features. Now Time Warner Cable, the second largest cable company in the country, has jumped into the game. This summer they will be releasing TWC TV.

Time Warner Cable’s new app will provide their customers with up to 300 live streaming channels right on the Xbox 360. As always, an Xbox Live Gold subscription will be required. You’ll also, obviously, need to be a Time Warner Cable subscriber. Time Warner’s jump into the live streaming TV space on the Xbox far eclipses the efforts of their rivals as they are offering a much larger quantity of channels. If you’re an Xbox Live Gold member and TWC subscriber make sure you let us know how you like the service once it’s released later this summer.

Source: Xbox Wire