Entertainment 2.0 #229 : The Worst Thing You Could Possibly Do

May 30, 2013 by

Now that Xbox One has been revealed Richard has skipped town, but have no fear! Chris Barnes returns to the show to fill in for Richard. One might think that with all of the coverage of the Xbox One from last week that there would be no need to discuss it further. Unfortunately the internet has found plenty to get upset about, and Josh and Chris needed to weigh on it. Fortunately there were plenty of other things to cover, like Media Browser 3, Microsoft and Google [amazingly] working together, a .NET-based Smartwatch, and much more. Josh and Chris cover all that and more on episode 229 of the Entertainment 2.0 podcast. If you’re not listening live you’re missing a lot of fun, so make sure to join Josh and Richard for the live recording of episode 230 Tuesday, May 4th at 8:00pm ET!

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